The Body Type Test

The Body Type Test

What's Your Body Type?

Discover your body type in minutes with the
Women's Body Type Test or the Men's Body Type Test

An entire health care system that is unique, comprehensive, and practical.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.,
Author of Power Versus Force

Different Bodies, Different Diets is one of the most comprehensive books I have ever read. Thank you, Dr. Mein, for your landmark book. I feel that this world will greatly benefit from your health and nutritional wisdom.

Jay Robb, Author of The Fat Burning Diet

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The 25 Body Type System
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Nutrition, Diet, Weight Loss, and Exercise Plan for You

How Can There Be 25 Different Body Types?

The female body type test for women
The male body type test for men

Other body type systems identify women's body shapes as triangle, apple, pear, or hourglass based on weight gain patterns. Men's body shapes are often identified as mesomorph, endomorph and ectomorph by shape, musculature and weight gain. Glandular-based systems include adrenal, pituitary, thyroid and gonadal body types.

Most people find themselves "in-between" as a combination or hybrid of characteristics of two types - which makes food and exercise choices confusing or vague.

That's because there are actually 25 distinct body types - determined by the dominant gland, organ or system of the body.

The new eating plan worked great! I lost five pounds the first week and maintained the loss the second week. My energy has improved and I'm sleeping and concentrating better.

Martha J., San Diego CA

In general, my health has improved in every way. Since I feel better physically, my attitude is better. I'm finding it easier than ever to maintain my weight or even lighten up. Thanks!

Doretta W., Encinitas CA

For many years I followed Weight Watchers, which allowed me very little fat in my diet. I struggled with my weight and craved carbs all the time. Dr. Mein showed me the importance of carbs and good fats for my body type. Now eating is easy, the weight stays off, no more constant food cravings, and my cholesterol dropped 100 points!

Nancy, USA

Weight has been a problem all my life. I even gained weight just eating salad. In six months on Dr. Mein's program, I lost 40 pounds. Not once during this time did I feel I was starving. As a Pancreas body type, I learned to eat at the right times, rotate my foods and include variety in my diet.

Darlene S., San Diego CA

Discover your body type and unlock the secret to eating right for your body type, losing weight for your body type, and exercising right for your body type. You'll even discover a surprisingly insightful personality profile for your body type.